If I were a tear in youreyes, I would fall downon your lips.




  acomposed ,by that musician 由那位音乐家结合, [translate]

  a我想你看得见 I thought you can see [translate]

  a我不会到来和你玩 I cannot come with you to play [translate]

  askill Certificate 技巧证皓 [translate]

  a英语系团弄尽顶书记徐娉娉为全系近两佰名先生公干员及各班班长,团弄尽顶任命课,目的是让新先生公干员更好的观点先生会各机关工干天职,提高社会即兴实才干。 Department of English group main branch Secretary Xu Pingping for all is the near 200 student cadre and various Leader Ban, the group main branch teaches, the goal lets the new student cadre better understanding student association various departments work responsibility, sharpens the social practic [translate]

  a不能,鉴于我正粉刷老板的办公室 Cannot, because I am whitewashing boss's office [translate]

  a基于我以往的念书、工干阅历,我却以顺应文职办类、质检类、电器检修、信息录入等方面的工干。天然,假设指带能赋予我时间,我将什分情愿从事汽车技术类相干岗位工干。 Based on my former study, the employment history, I may adapt, the quality testing class, electric appliance service, information input the aspect and so on the civilian post management class work.Certainly, if the leader can give me the opportunity, I extremely will be willing to be engaged in the [translate]

  alength penalty. 长度惩办。 [translate]

  athe water is so clear that you can see a lot of fish swimming in the river 水很清楚您在河能看很多鱼游水 [translate]

  a占用资产 Takes the fund [translate]

  aPicks nine dance 采撷九舞蹈 [translate]

  a妈妈畅通牒我要:“好苦念书,天天向上!” Mother tells me to want: “Studies well, daily upward!” [translate]

  aAll rights reserved. Sybase is a trademark of Sybase, Inc. 版权所拥有。 Sybase是Sybase, Inc.商标注 [translate]

  a锐踏实业(香港)拥有限公司 Sharp abundant industry (Hong Kong) limited company [translate]

  a快乐念书英语 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]

  aThey________a village in the evening and lived there. They________a村村儿子在早早和寓居那边。 [translate]

  a不要加意停顿电脑游玩,该当把持电脑游玩的时间 Do not stop the computer games sedulously, must control the computer games the time [translate]

  aproteste 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]

  a我们壹天要做什么? What do we one day want to make? [translate]

  aZhan Ping Zhan砰 [translate]